Consulting agency INMEX GROUP is one of the few agencies that provides comprehensive support on various issues in the field of foreign economic activity.

Our goal is to provide customers both in Russia and in the countries of their current and planned presence based on the highest quality standards and expert knowledge.

Experience in working with foreign and Russian partners allows INMEX GROUP to feel confident in the market, quickly and efficiently solve problems, providing customers with an individual integrated approach.

We are growing export leaders, and if you want to expand the capabilities of your business in international markets, we invite you to cooperate with our company!

"Dear colleagues!

Export today is the hottest and most relevant topic!

Today, Russian products are competitive and in demand on the global market.

Helping to fill its niche with domestic products around the world is the goal of the INMEX GROUP consulting agency.

Our team is an expert in their field. We individually approach the needs of the client, value his time and provide highly qualified service, so our customers become friends of the company for many years.

The presence of a network of partners abroad, including in countries such as Estonia, Germany, China and India, allows us to successfully implement projects to bring products to the international market and enter into new export contracts.

I wish our clients successful cooperation with foreign companies, long-term contacts and profitable transactions. "




Alexander Dobkin